Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hello from the great silence

I wasn't sure I'd ever have the time or energy to blog again.  No promises on how often this will occur, either.  In an effort to play catch up, here's what's been happening in 2015.

In January school started and that means I'm crazy-busy.  Unforeseen issues forced me to rework my schedule so that I could assist one of the teachers.  I had planned to observe her, but getting reassigned to assist her officially was better than taking a year of classes.  

In February midterms hit, and I was working frantically on my final Master's paper. During winter break, Mike had the opportunity to travel to England for work, so I joined him and finished my paper in Cambridge.

March brought good news.  Mike got a promotion at work, and my final paper was approved.  Still, the end was not yet in sight.  

In glorious April school ended.  The final push is always tough with final term papers, student registration, and students clamoring for tutoring before final exams.  But, on April 22 it was over.

On May 1, I graduated.  I was offered a job at my university, and I, of course, accepted.  Summer classes start on Monday (May 11), and I'm very excited.  I'll be teaching writing to beginning ESL students.  I know many of my students from the classes I assisted, and I think that will help me to make a smoother transition.

I can't promise that I'll blog a lot.  If you follow me on FB, you know more about my personal life and things that take up my time.  However, I am hopeful that graduating means I have my life back.  I have LOVED cleaning my house, organizing my papers, and rearranging my office.  To have free time is just the most amazing thing.  Maybe I will spend some of it blogging again.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Can't imagine being busier

Katrina's recent comment was a good reminder that I really should post something.  Especially once every two months.

I need to take pictures of the projects Mike's completed, or I should turn over that responsibility to him.  Of course, he hates it, and it keeps him from making more progress.  He finished the hall, and he made a jewelry rack for me.  He fixed the snow blower again and cleaned out the garage.  He's been helping with all sorts of things that I've typically done in the past.

We have been believably busy.  We traveled to Oklahoma over the winter break to collect data for my thesis (which was downgraded to a seminar paper - don't ask).  I spent the first two weeks of January processing it in my free time.  Of course, school started up in January and the requirements for my assistantship changed.  It took some time to adjust and get everything in place.  And there are the ongoing responsibilities of tutoring, organizing events and workshops, and trouble-shooting.

In the meantime, other things came up, which require a good bit of time and juggling.

My plan is to spend the entire winter break banging out the rest of my final paper.  My adviser wants the rough draft by the end of March, but I'd like for her to have it by mid-March.  Every weekend I'm shooting for 10 pages written.  So, after all that writing, I probably won't feel like blogging. I am going to try to coax Mike into posting periodically so the silences aren't so long.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I have neglected the blog for so long that it's difficult to start back up.  We have been caught in the mundane cycle of work, school, and too-short weekends. 

Mike has made great progress in the hall.  It is frustrating that it's taken a year to do such a small space, but I haven't been available to help so I can't be too upset.  Mike's still running.  He finished his second half-marathon a few weeks ago, but he tweaked his leg so he's resting it now.  He's lost around 15-20 pounds this year because of the running, and he looks thinner and younger.  In fact, one of my friends at school says I "robbed the cradle."  I tell her that I need to start running because he's two years older than I am!

As for me, I'm just trying to finish the semester.  There are only two weeks left, but they are, of course, the ones filled with homework assignments, presentations, and massive papers.  My major ESL responsibilities are over except the tutoring, which is also slowing down since school is almost done.  I have been struggling all semester to get everything in order to start my thesis.  Since I'm interviewing people and recording it, I had to complete the process to get my IRB.  It's a time-consuming process for such a simple task, but they have to make sure that I won't hurt anyone.  If all goes well, I'll start interviewing in December.

It's not a particularly exciting picture of our life, is it?  Well, it can't all be fun.  Just makes vacations that much better.  On a more exciting note, on Friday we will be hosting our 2nd Annual International Thanksgiving.  I'll try to post pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hail State!

We have just been working steady here with very little to report, so I'll just take this time to say:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Update on the hall

Though I haven't had time to post about it, Mike has been working on the hall.  The ceiling and walls have been painted, the new lights and doors are up, and the wainscotting started going up today.
Dirty light

It wouldn't be our project if there wasn't a problem.  The closet doors are too big.  Maybe you can see in the photo that they won't close?  Mike will have to cut the edges so it will fit. 

All in all, Mike's making progress.  And he still managed to run 10 miles this morning.  Scary.