Monday, April 21, 2014

Another semester down

Another term is over.  Only four more to go.  [Cue mantra: "I can do it.  I can do it."]  

Poor, poor Mike is still not finished with his class project.  (I call all of Mike's projects "that idiot project", but for you, I will clarify.)  His deadline is Saturday morning at 9, which makes no sense to me since he's graduating on Friday night.  Someone please explain.  Anyway, he's trying to finish before his family arrives on Thursday.  

I don't feel too bad for him since it's almost over.  No more school.  No more homework or exams.  What a life.

So, what will I do during my fantastically short twelve day vacation?  I believe sleep, shopping, and remodeling are all on the list.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Drownin' in papers

The last two weeks have been brutal. It's exam time, and I think this is the most time I've spent on exams since 1998.  

I turned in my curriculum for my practicum, which took me a long time because I'm so anal retentive detailed.  Actually, I was pretty intimidated as well.  I'm teaching beginning adult ESL this summer, and I thought it would be like tutoring the beginning students at the university.  No, no, no.  I will have students who cannot comprehend the question, "What is your name?"  This was scary to me.  I taught junior high and high school not lower elementary with the phonics and consonant clusters.  Scared, scared, scared.  

Yesterday I visited my soon-to-be classroom with some of my students there.  I spent a little time with them and that made all the difference.  We have a lot of work to do and I have to adjust my expectations and my goals for the class, but I think it will be an amazing experience for me.  

Classes start back up two weeks from Monday, and I'm a bit apprehensive about the work load. First though, I have to get everything ready for Mike's graduation.  Oh, busy, busy.  

I hope it's spring wherever you are, and I hope you're enjoying it.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blocked the view

We had an big fat fail with our new wooden blinds for the sliding glass doors in the kitchen.  Somehow we forgot to take into account that when you raise wooden blinds, your head clearance is radically reduced.  We ended up needing to crawl under the blinds like a bad round of limbo so we decided to relocate the blinds to another room.  In lieu of nice, wooden blinds, we have installed a removable bed sheet held in place by clothes pins.  Please be jealous.

I did manage to (finally) apply stain to the backs of two of the new bedroom doors.  I just have one more round of stain, and then I will have to put on the polyacrylic - three rounds.  After that, I have 271 sticks of trim to stain plus another door.  Okay, I might have inflated that number.  But there is a lot to do before Mike graduates (on April 25!).  

Speaking of a lot to do, I better get back to my lesson plans.  Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's almost time for exams!

Wow!  I'm overdue for a post.  It has been extraordinarily busy for us.  

Work has continued to be demanding for Mike.  He logged about 55 hours this week - a marked improvement over the previous weeks but still busy.  He's been worried about his only test this semester also.  That test was today, and he's feeling relieved that it's over.  His final project in the class (worth 1/3 of his grade) is due in two weeks, so he'll still be tied up with school for a little longer.

My school load has been full also.  With two weeks left in the semester and having lost I-don't-remember-how-many days due to snow, the professors are trying to jam in a few more assignments.  I turned in my final paper for my Teaching of English as a Second Language class on Friday, but I have to present and turn in my curriculum for practicum in two weeks.  In phonology, she wants to give us one more quiz, one more test, and probably 2-3 more homework assignments.  Oh boy.  Don't call me.  Don't email me.  I'm in a cocoon of homework here.

In good news, the sun is shining and no snow is falling.  It would appear that spring has finally arrived in SE MI.  There was tiny buds on the magnolia tree outside our bedroom, and the woodchuck is back out, scrounging for food.

House projects all but stopped this winter.  I have to finish staining the bedroom doors before Mike's family arrives to celebrate Mike's graduation.  We also have a kitchen blinds problem, which will be remedied this weekend.  I will try to dedicate a whole post to it. 

Actually, at this point, just cleaning is a huge task.  We haven't had time to sweep, let alone finish the hall remodel.  I must chant my mantra now:  "This isn't forever; soon it will be done."

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are and that spring is on her way to visit us all.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Half and half

Bad half first. 

Mike's week stunk.  I know I posted on Wednesday that things were slowly down for him, but I jinxed it.  He ended up having to work 20 hours on Thursday and 11.5 on Friday.  His total for the week was something like 75 hours.  Horrible.  He was so fried by Saturday.  He went to class, turned in two homework assignments, got the notes for the only exam, ate lunch, and crashed for three hours.  

This morning we had breakfast with friends, Mike did a little homework, and then he crashed for about an hour.  He's still exhausted, and this week isn't looking much better than the last.  Poor, poor Mike.

Good half.

Mittens has recovered!  Yay!  It's time for his six-month check up (he's geriatric now, you know), and I plan to shave him.  I can't stand all the shedding.

In other good news, I think I have found a thesis topic.  The set-up is different this time around.  There is no professor to assist or to guide much, and theoretically we have only one semester to do it.  Yeah, so that's impossible.  Most people end up taking an incomplete and finishing it the following semester.  I don't want to do that so I'm starting early - or going to try to start early.  

Neutral news.

There has been virtually no progress on the house.  Mike hasn't been home, and I've been working on school projects and tutoring.  Mike is frustrated about the lack of progress, but there's nothing for it.  When school is over and work calms down, he will have a lot more time.

Hope everything is 100% well in your world!